Monday, April 4, 2011

one last goodbye

It is nearing 7:30am on Tuesday morning and the team is busy packing and getting ready to bring this leg of our journey to an end.  We are headed out of Tenali this morning for Hyderabad (a 7 hour drive) where will we part ways to either do a little traveling or head back to the United States.

I have mixed emotions as I write this, it is truly very bittersweet to leave here...on one hand we are all very excited to travel, see our families, sleep in our own beds, and eat whatever we want, we are definitely welcoming the break.  On the flip side, for many of us, India has really felt like home lately and Harvest India, Suresh, and everyone here has grown to be our family.  Saying goodbye to one family and hello to another is the root of why there is joy and sadness intermingled in the air this morning.

Yesterday Suresh organized an event at his house that encompassed several wonderful things: Cory's birthday, Lizzi's pregnancy, and our team going away party.  It also happened to be the Hindu New Year so there was celebrating all around us.  Cory was given a cake and an awesome Indian birthday candle to go with it that spouts flames and plays "Happy Birthday."  Lizzi was given a Seemantham celebration which is the Indian equivalent to a baby shower.  It was super fun to see the whole HI staff and to celebrate so many events at once.  We said our goodbyes to most people here and had some great fun in the process.  Sorry there are no pictures of these events, I don't have time to upload them this morning but possibly in the next few days.

Look for another blog post soon, I am hoping to write a better recap of things in the next few days when I have more time to think.  In the meantime, we are loading up the car and preparing to say goodbye to Suresh and Christina and deal with separating from our Indian family.

Thank you for all your prayer and love, please keep in coming as our journey is not yet over!  We are reeling in the emotion of today and are thanking God for His immense provision and blessing over the past 3 months.  See you all soon!

Friday, April 1, 2011

cheeky monkey

Once upon a time, a monkey broke into our house and stole our bananas. Chaos ensued...

Watch the chaos here.