Friday, March 15, 2013

Farewell at Quarry School :: by Angela

As we conclude our last month here in India (before our 3 month furlough) we are saying goodbye to those we have worked with, taught and loved. The schools and colleges in the Harvest India network are beginning their exam season and no longer need the daily touches of spoken English on campus.
We have already bid farewell to the students at KSK Girls College and H.I. Nursing College; but the most difficult goodbye, by far, was to the H.I. Quarry School 10th class.

The 9th class students put on a big farewell party for their 10th class friends. There was dancing, singing, emotional speeches and tearful goodbyes. We were so blessed to be a part of their year, and encouraged to witness, first hand, the wisdom, training, life skills, friendships and support HI has provided for these wonderful kiddos! We wish them the best in the future, and can’t wait to continue these relationships on our return.

10th class is the last stop in education for some. Completion of 10th class in India is comparable to High School graduation in the U.S. (even though the students are 15-17 years old). Some students will begin looking for jobs but most will remain in the Harvest India community and either attend Quarry School Jr. College, KSK Girls College, or Nursing College.  Next year will be the first for boys to have an option in HI schooling; they can either choose Quarry Jr. College or Nursing College. HI has just received permission to begin male education at the Nursing College (Hooray!).

All in all, we are sad to say goodbye, but, SUPER excited to see them flourish on our return next school year!