Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Team, New Adventures, New Phase in India Residency!

A blog post outlining the new residency team is long overdue...but we are excited to announce that we will be going back to India October 2012-January 2014! Each team member has a different story as to how and why they applied and decided to join the India residency team, but ultimately it was the hand of God being placed over all of us, beckoning us to join Him in His work in India. Please stay tuned for more stories of our preparation and team building along the way as we get ready to move to India.

For now, fundraising has officially begin! Please check out our team website and individual team member fundraising websites for more of each person's story and ways to support!

God bless and may we continually be seeking His kingdom together!

Kevin and Angela:: https://rockharbor.webconnex.com/rogers
Kacie:: https://rockharbor.webconnex.com/residency/hamilton
Cory::  https://rockharbor.webconnex.com/hill
John::  https://rockharbor.webconnex.com/clanton
Renee::  https://rockharbor.webconnex.com/austin
Residency team ::  https://rockharbor.webconnex.com/residencyteam