Friday, October 19, 2012

Tour of the Thota House

Here's a fun video we put together that gives you a quick tour of the house we'll be living in for the next year or so. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Then and Now - by Kacie Clanton

I came to India for two weeks last December with RH church. It was an amazing experience filled with joy and huge feelings of being overwhelmed with the new culture, experiences and the thought that India would soon be my new home for over a year. I applied and was accepted on the India residency team before I had been to India. I just knew that this was what God had in store for me and I wanted to be obedient to his calling. At the end of the two weeks I wrote a letter to myself to be opened at a later date. The letter was meant to remind me of what I learned about myself and about God during my time in India. I brought the letter with me to India to remind myself now what it I know to be true about myself and about India that God has already revealed to me. It is overwhelming and a lot to take in being here and settling in to a new home in a new culture. This morning I reread my letter and smiled at some parts since they totally came true and felt refreshed at other truths that were written. 

Here is the letter I wrote to myself. May God continue to reveal His truth to me as we live in Tenali and as we try to assimilate to this new culture and people in order to do His work. I want to be a burning fire for God with a heart and voice of boldness and conviction. First step is reminding myself of what I already know to be true. 

January 7, 2012
Dear Kacie,
     You are God's beloved child. He has made you, redeemed you, restored you, and created you new in Christ. He has placed on your heart to step out in faith and to serve him with all that you have.      Remember how God worked through your fears, anxiety, and being overwhelmed. Remember He gave you the fruit of the Spirit of joy, faith, and boldness. Don't be afraid to continue to step out in risk for His kingdom. Remember the ways he has dissolved the last few walls around your heart to help you love as he created you to. Remember the God-given sheer joy of dancing with the kids during VBS. God is bringing you back to India for them and for a unique purpose. How are you being bold in prayer over the residency? How are you looking to God expectantly?
     You are slowly falling love with John. The spirit of fear and trepidation is gone. God has clearly written this story and had his hand in it the entire time. Step forward prayerfully, with boldness, expectancy, and with OPEN hands hands and freely given heart. In whatever context, God has chosen him for you. Continue to go where God leads. 
     Remember how each day in India, God began to grow your heart for the people and the country. Pray for those you interacted with and those who touched your heart. Prepare for the residency with expectancy of God to move mountains. Don't let Satan sneak in with thoughts of timidity and fear. God gave you the capacity to love greatly and love well in his name. You have the gift of getting down to the people at their level and being used by God. LEAN into the Spirit. God is faithful. Remember bursting with joy at the elderly home, the way God used the darkness of my past to shine his light to other women, and the ability of the voice God has given you. Trust in his gifts for yourself. Do not be afraid. Remember Psalm 91.  
     God loves you. You've been given a divine appointment. Prepare with gratitude and joy. The adventure is with God. What a joyful way to live your life. 


As I reread my letter, I was reminded that each day I should be praying expectantly about how God was going to work in this day. We've been here four days now. The work begins soon. For now we are settling in and trying to figure out how to live everyday life in India....laundry, cooking, cleaning, walking the neighborhood. This time to try and adjust is a gift from God and I am praying expectantly for the time when our work begins. As of right now, teaching, aquaponics, and outreach events will start November 1st, India timing of course. ;) I'm trying to use this time to prepare my heart with the posture it needs to be used by God in these ways to further his kingdom and not lose sight of what I have already learned about God and myself while I try to adjust to my new normal life in Tenali.